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Harold Dull

It all began at the School of Shiatsu and Massage at Harbin Hot Springs in California. There, Harold Dull was teaching Zen Shiatsu, which he had studied in Japan. Zen Shiatsu incorporates stretches which release blockages along our meridians, the channels through which our “chi” (life force) flows.

Harbin Hot Springs nurtured the growth of Watsu and many classes for practitioners are taught there.

The non-for-profit WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association) was formed in 1993 to:

  • educate the public in aquatic bodywork and provide as many people as possible access to the benefits that practicing even its simplest forms brings to both giver and receiver;
  • introduce aquatic therapists and other professionals to the forms and approaches of aquatic bodywork that can best benefit their clientele;
  • develop flexible educational programs and set international standards for training and certifying practitioners and instructors;
  • publish and distribute journals, books, videotapes and be a clearing house, referring the public to practitioners and instructors.

For more information write or call
Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association
P.O. Box 889
Middletown, CA 95461
Tel. USA (707) 987-3801


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